01 August 2008

Happy Lammas!!!!

Today is the first of August, which means today is Lammas!!!!!!!!!!!................(insert your confused stare here) Okay, yes, no one knows what that is. ;D So I'll explain! Well, it's one of the 8 Pagan/Wiccan holidays or "sabbats." And it...well, it celebrates/symbolizes two things: the first harvest of the year as well as the sacrifice of the Corn God (recognized as part of the Sun God). That probably doesn't make any sense, but it's my religion. Though, I haven't done a ritual for any of the holidays in the longest time, and it makes me feel somewhat bad. *sigh* However, I am making a point of starting my High Priestess training (a year and a day!!!) on Samhain (Halloween, our new year) this year. Okay. Er....I'm going to stop rambling about my religion that no one else understands and get on with stuff y'all possibly actually care about. Ahem.

So, the first of August also means that school is in 14 days. UGH!!!! I mean, I sort of like school because it's the only way I'd ever have friends and I really honestly kind of enjoy the stuff we learn, but I'm not looking forward to waking up at 5:45 every day and getting a bunch of homework and essays and basically having no free time. *sigh*

Er...well, I went to Target with my dad last night and got the last few things I'd need for Terminus: hair clips, razor replacement heads, and an iPod armband/case (not exclusively for Terminus). Yeah, random list. I couldn't find any blister block. =[ I very rarely get blisters, though, my feet are so callused that it's near impossible for me to get a blister! And today Leslie and I went and looked at some laptops at Office Depot--there was an HP one I really liked but I think it's too expensive and it doesn't come with Microsoft Office, which would be another 100 dollars or so. *sighs again*

We're hiking Oxford/Belford on Sunday! =] (Two fourteeners, just FYI) But I really want someone to go to Water World with on the 6th. Because I really want to go sometime this summer, but I don't want to go just with all the people Elyse works with because it would be rather...awkward, I think. *sighs yet again* (wow, I've been doing that A LOT today)

6 and a half days until Terminus!!!! =] Cheers!

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