06 August 2008

8/6: In which Kat reveals more of her geekiness and eccentricities

Okay....so......time for more random information on my life! =]

Yesterday I basically spent a lot of time reading and packing for Terminus. I've been reading A Thousand Hills: Rwanda's Rebirth and the Man who Dreamed It by Stephen Kinzer. I know, not a normal book for a 15 and a half year old teenage girl to be reading. But I'm definitely NOT normal. It's mostly being used for reference for my novel about the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and it's definitely been really helpful with that--giving me a lot of new ideas for the novel as well as an awful lot of new insights on the genocide, what caused it, and the feelings coming from both the Hutu and Tutsi. But, more than that, I confess to finding the whole plight in Rwanda and Africa to be fascinating. Horrible, yes, but fascinating. I know it's strange (really, I do) but I can't help it. It's a beautifully written book, and I'm enjoying it very very much. Other time of the day was spent packing some stuff up for Terminus as well as doing a final edit of my paper (about time I did it, really). I also had an orthodontist appointment yesterday which was completely pointless: I waited in a chair for about 15 minutes and had a one minute check-up in which I was told to move on to just wearing my retainer at night. *rolls eyes* Oh, and it was also my half-birthday yesterday. Which is....not really exciting at all, but I just thought I'd share it with y'all!!!

Ahem, but now for the exciting news................I'M WRITING THIS JOURNAL ON MY BEAUTIFUL, NEW HP LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!! =] =] Squee!!!!!!!! Again, I can't thank Dad and Leslie enough for being willing to buy me a new laptop since my Thinkpad broke. I'm still insisting on paying a portion of it, but they were super nice about the whole thing, and....well, just THANK YOU. Because this laptop works so much better, has a bazillion features, and since it's new....will probably last me into college! I have finally finished transfering my documents and pictures and (Most importantly *wink*) PotterCasts over to the new laptop. It took forever, but I'm not complaining! Eeeeee...It's just so beautiful!!!! =] Again, so much thanks comes from me to Dad and Leslie for the laptop.

On to less exciting stuff. Today was school registration. Yay? I got my planner (which is absolutely hideous and will be worked on intently by me), bought my yearbook, got my school picture taken (and it isn't half-bad!). And, I'd thought I didn't have a locker partner. But, Michelle and Kelsey tried two lockers, both of which were broken. They got fed up, and now all three of us are in the same locker in senior hall!!! Squee!!!!!!! The best part about school registration was getting to see my friends: Joel, Michelle, Kelsey, Malia, Hannah, Emily, and Macy. I hadn't seen any of them all summer and I haven't seen any of my friends since camp ended on July 11th. It felt so amazingly good to have people to talk to, and to have these people excited to see and talk to me. =] I know that's probably normal for most of y'all, but remember that I'm a Luna and don't have many friends. So I really cherish every single time I get to be happy and crazy with my small group of friends!

(In other news, Leslie's friend Arnie came for dinner on Monday. It was nice to talk to him because he does stuff with energy conservation as well as in Africa.) Anyway, I should probably go do more packing for Terminus, actually PRINT out the final draft of my paper for Terminus, and....just because I'm geeky, I'm sure I'll read about 150 more pages of A Thousand Hills.

O my geez, Terminus is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! =]

In case you didn't notice, I'm really happy today, and I'm sending y'all some very happy thoughts because of this. Be careful of bursting into Squee/Wrock songs and be warned that this happiness may be overpowering. ;) Cheers!

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