14 August 2008

Terminus, part four: Saturday 9 August 2008

Well, I woke up at about 6:45. Partly because I thought we were going running again and partly because I needed to go to the bathroom (lol). I couldn’t fall back asleep after that, and there wouldn’t have been much point anyway….

At 8:00 there was the Squee Chat coffee, which was really fun and quite amusing because all of us had had about 4 hours of sleep or less, so were mostly too tired to be real happy that “early” in the morning. But, again, I got to talk to a lot of people. At about 8:40 I went to check in for volunteering and then went to the Joliet room. Well….It turned out that the first presentation was cancelled, so I sat in the room half-asleep for a while, and walked around the halls until 9:45. Both presentations after that were genuinely interesting, though. There was one about learning/teaching at Hogwarts that, being a complete geek, I found much too fascinating. And the one after that was about families and fandom. What I loved about it was that it was a very unconventional way that the mother and daughter presented the paper. Very entertaining, quite touching, and funny overall. But then I had to wait for someone to come get the laptop and projector—in the end I actually went and got someone because I was running late for my intersection at noon. *sigh*

So, yeah, then I had my Luna/Neville intersection. Squee!!!! It was a lot of fun, because every person there seriously connected with me and how I generally feel when in the outside world: one of the adults even handed us out sheets of paper about Adult Ids that I definitely fit. Not one hundred percent, but it felt so amazing to eat lunch with a large amount of people who understood me and connected with me. I talked a lot to Madeleine/Athena, with whom I became really close to. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that the food at The Yolk was absolutely amazing!!!!

Madeleine and I went to an intersection on Dumbledore’s Army at 2:00, which was great. Then we snuck out a little early to go to the second half of Reading and Rocking out: The Culture and Future of Wizard Rock. The Panel included Lauren Fairweather, Alex Carpenter, and Matt Maggiacomo, and it was great—Matt and Alex gave me that final push to FINALLY read the His Dark Materials series because even they said it was a great series and that IT MADE THEM CRY!!! =] So, yeah, definitely reading it now! Ahem, but after that my cell phone semi-died….after I’d gone all the way up to the hotel room to recharge it, I realized the logical thing: just take out the battery and put it back in…Aaaaaaaand….yeah, it started working again. So I then walked all the way back downstairs (okay, rode the elevator, but I was genuinely annoyed) to go to the Luna roundtable. Definitely the best roundtable I went to all weekend!!! I absolutely loved discussing Luna and talking to people who, like me, see her as a real person and a role model instead of someone who’s just really eccentric.

Well, after that I went to dinner with Leslie at a diner….the service was horrible, it took way too long to get our food, and the ravioli I got wasn’t even that amazing. Anyway, we hurried back to the hotel so I could get in line for the Live PotterCast. Oh my geez. That line was SO long. I suppose I needn’t have worried, since I got a seat in the front row off to the right side of the stage anyway. It wasn’t a great angle for taking pictures of PotterCast, but great for taking pictures of the little Wrock sideshows. The Mudbloods played, and at first only me, Julia, and Cody were dancing, but then everyone else started! Yay! Trend-starter! (just kidding) But, SQUEE!!! I got to participate in the game “Guess That Book” and I got it right! So great, because I was so worried that the ONE I got would be the ONE I didn’t know. So, I got to be on stage, got a button with Frak’s drawing of a Ravenclaw tie, and I might possibly be on the podcast when it comes out (I’m not sure if they put everything from the Live shows onto the podcasts). I loved the live PotterCast so much—I got my yellow PotterCast shirt signed by all four of them and got a very happy picture with Frak.

At 9:30 was Melissa’s reading, but I decided to head over to the room a little early to get a semi-good seat. Two authors were there before her, one who did a trivia book and another who wrote a book on the fandom. But………It was, of course, Melissa’s reading that I was waiting for! And, O my god, was it amazing. I managed to record it, and she is a brilliant writer. A wonderful mix of light-hearted jokes and touching comments about the release. I honestly almost started crying because it was so beautiful…Melissa DID start crying because of our reaction: we cheered for about 5 minutes afterwards, and then more when she read us the foreword. I felt really bad for the guy who was after Melissa, because no one wanted to stay: We all wanted to talk to Melissa, hug her, congratulate her, thank her, and ask questions. A small group of fans plus the Leaky staff headed over to the elevator lobby on the third floor and we just TALKED for about an hour and a half. We got another small excerpt of the first time she met Jo (hilarious). And, can I just say that I LOVE Melissa?!?! She was so sweet about all our questions and so humble for a person who runs the biggest Harry Potter website and has interviewed Jo oh-so-many times. Anyway, I told her that if she can’t get a book tour going, she’s welcome to stay at my house, sign my book, and I’ll cook for her. =] I CAN’T WAIT for this book to come out!!!!

Okay, so the final event of Saturday actually technically happened on Sunday. I watched the midnight movie, Goblet of Fire. There is definitely no better way to watch a Harry Potter movie than to watch it with other big Harry Potter fans who love to make fun of them just as much as you do. I love making fun of the movies, and it was so amusing/fun to hear what other people said. And it was AWESOME to just be able to shout things out during the movie, have people understand the jokes, and laugh….oh, and NOT get thrown out of the theater! ;) So, I went to bed around, oh, 3:30 or 4:00.

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