06 August 2008

It's the monsoon season here in Colorado...

Seriously. Past two evenings, it has absolutely POURED rain. Today there was even a flood warning for El Paso County!!!

Yesterday some of the thunder was so loud (meaning the lightning was so close) that it was making the entire house shake! It was vaguely scary, and I made a point to stay off the computer during that storm. Today's rain started out as just that: rain. But, now it's 9:00 and there's quite a bit of lightning and thunder...I usually like thunderstorms. I don't like them in two cases: When I'm outside (especially in the middle of a parking lot/field) at camp and....at night. At night they're just a little bit creepier because I can actually really see the lightning flash and....well, I admit to being a bit frightened of lightning! I know people who've lost friends to it, and I don't like lightning. *sigh*

I do, however, adore the rain. So this rain has been making me very, very happy (as if I needed anymore happiness in my life right now) *winces as an especially bright lightning flash is right outside her window*

Let's hope I can sleep through this tonight....Cheers!

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Luna Star said...

Hi my dear Kat!
I just want to tell you how awesome you are. It has been amazing to be here at Terminus with you, watching you shine, seeing your intellectual and personal poise and confidence. You are a very, very special person, and I am the luckiest woman in the world to be your stepmom! You go girl!