05 June 2008

Obama is the Democratic Presidential Candidate!!!!!!!

All right, so this technically happened on Tuesday evening, because with South Dakota and Montana he clinched the number of delegates that he needed. But, I wanted to wait a bit to see what Hillary was going to do and thought I'd post then =D

But, anyway, I was so incredibly happy when I turned on the news and it said that Obama had earned enough delegates to be the presidential candidate. I did a happy dance! =] (And unlike the fiveawesomegirls, I don't do my happy dance all that often. It takes a lot to make me happy enough to do one.) But, what made me even happier yesterday evening was the news that Hillary said she would suspend her campaign and support Obama. As much as I dislike her, I really respect her for realizing that he did, in fact, have the nomination, and if she stayed in the race then it would just cause bigger divisions in the Democratic party. Which, in the long run, would hurt the candidate in November, most likely.

Yay! Go Barack!!!!!! =] =] =] Now, all he has to do is choose a really good running mate. I'm good with John Edwards or Bill Richardson...but I honestly don't think he's going to choose Hillary, because, in my opinion, that would cause him to lose some supporters.

In other news, it's raining! I love the rain, but I was planning on walking to Dad's today, and now it depends on whether it clears up enough this afternoon. *sigh*

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