14 June 2008


Oh, it's so good to be back home. I don't know if anyone can fully understand what I'm trying to say or the feelings I have when I'm back here, but...just the moment I stepped back in this house yesterday, knowing that I was free from my mom's house for 4 weeks, I was a billion times happier. This house really just feels more like home to me. Maybe because it's more stable and I have more things that I've had for a long time. But...no, I'm not much on material. I think it's more the caring and loving atmosphere that I can really and truly feel created by my dad and stepmom. Anyway...I don't know if any of that made sense. Bottom line: I'm so much happier now!!!

We went out to breakfast at the Egg&I this morning, and then when I got back I spent about an hour and a half cleaning out all my drawers. Yes, I can hear your incredulous sighs and "What?!"s from here. I know it seems weird, but I was bored because I'd done all the packing for camp that I could do. Also, I was technically looking for my Girl Scout badge book, which I didn't actually find. Not good, because I'd been meaning to look through the badges and see what I'd done for some of them and do a few this summer. But apparently not. *sigh* It is nice to have clean and organized drawers again. During the school year I just kind of stuff random old papers in there and my organisation system kind of...dies. But I got it back, gaining organisation and recycling about an entire tree (probably a huge hyperbole, but it was a lot of paper!!!)

So. I go to camp tomorrow! I'm really excited. =] Especially to see Nichole, who I haven't seen for almost two summers now. But in the car to breakfast I figured out that when I get my break for a weekend, I'll have 10 5AG videos to watch, 2 PotterCasts, 2 songsfromahat videos, and probably a bunch of other YouTube videos from my subscriptions. Fun, fun!

Remember that for an update on when I leave for camp, see my previous entry. And if you'd like to write me while at camp or like me to write you, give me your address. I sincerely hope everyone is doing well, and I'm sending some of my happiness your way, though the postal system has the full control over when it will get there! Cheers!

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