16 September 2008

Happy things!!! (and some NOT so happy things)

First, I am sincerely sorry that I haven't updated this in about three weeks for the...maybe two of you who read this. I know everyone hates this excuse, and I hate it too, but it's the truth: I've been busy. School started, and I managed to keep up okay for a little while. But then school ACTUALLY started. Meaning, quite simply, that I was bombarded with tests and essays and projects and homework and quizzes and reports and....GAH. For example this week: History test yesterday, Factor quiz and Poetry project due today, French fairytale due tomorrow, Vocab quiz and recitation of a memorized French fable on Thursday, and Chemistry lab report due Friday. Plus, I have a "report" on a poet due next Wednesday that I've been working on, and a bunch of other math and french and everything homework. I like school, really, I do, but I hate Rampart and I'm getting peeved at my French teacher and really, really peeved at about half of my peers who don't give a crap....ANYWAY....

I'm actually going to start with the not so happy things so that I can end this entry on a happy note.
  • My great aunt died about a month ago. Actually, I was told this about two hours before my presentation at Terminus, which didn't help me prepare. I don't know why I didn't tell y'all before, but I just really needed about a month to accept it on a very personal level. Because while I didn't see her in person very much in my lifetime since she lived in Canada and later in Poland and Russia, I felt extraordinarily close to her--much closer than to even my grandpa on my mom's side. She was an amazing lady in every way, who first taught me about good food and the value of life. And....well, she didn't deserve cancer. The only thing I can say is that at least she didn't suffer long. Rest in Peace, Susan.
  • Mmm....so my stepmom had an event on Saturday. Meaning that for about the past two weeks I've felt practically invisible when I'm at home. And it didn't help my stress levels at all.
  • Obviously, the projects, etc, which I already mentioned.
  • Still suffering from Post-Terminus depression. Really?! Shouldn't it have gone away by now? *sigh* I actually started crying on the 7th because I couldn't believe it had been a month.
  • My iPod, my dear Luna, broke. NOooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! ALL my wrock music was on there. I mean, yes, it's still on the computer, but now I don't have wrock to cheer me up anywhere...I have to be right by my computer. =[

Happy things now!!!
  • Democratic National Convention=LOVE. Total, complete love. I'm so excited for this election, and so upset I can't vote.
  • I also got to walk around with my dad the weekend of the 6th and 7th in our neighborhood for the Democratic party. It felt GOOD, strangely....
  • Saturday Night Live parody of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton this past Saturday. Really, if you haven't seen it yet, go to Saturday Night Live's website and WATCH IT. Unless you support Palin in which case (1) DON'T and (2) you're crazy. Anyway, it's now my official "cheer up Kat" video. Whenever I'm upset, I'm going to go laugh my butt off watching that video.
  • It's Hayley's birthday!!! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!! I know I've never met her, but she is awesome, one of my favorite people in the world, and I hope one day to meet her in person or....read one of her books that I'm sure will be published.
  • Weights class. I know it might sound weird, but weights class is so good. The one at school is exhausting, but I always feel really good afterwards--tired, but good. And Body Pump always makes me feel almost unbelievably better after a day of brain-numbing at school and hours of homework.

So, summary of my life. I'm not even going to try to catch y'all up on everything I've been doing over the past three weeks. If you really care for some strange reason (like having a telephone booth fall on your head), then go ahead and ask. Otherwise, happy thoughts. Cheers!


PuraVida said...

Sorry about your Aunt :( Hope your feeling better.

On a happier note, I too, cannot wait for Paper Towns to come out! I loved Looking for Alaska.And Hayley from 5AG is amazing! haha.
That sucks about all your music too. Im really into the Mudbloods, A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love.Its so fantastic!

So er, what happened with a telephone boot falling on your head? lol.

Luna Star said...

I LOVE A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love!!!! Such a beautiful song =]

And, thank you. I'm feeling a little better, but it still hits me hard when I'm stressed out. *sigh*