10 May 2009

Like a moth to a light?

So, I haven't written a blog in over a week, and it feels really...weird. Honestly, it does. After a month of blogging every single day, it's strange to not blog for so long! I mean, it's really nice, as well, because I don't have the pressure to finish a blog at a certain time every single day. But I also really miss it. Like I said in my post on the 1st, it was nice to have that one thing I did EVERY SINGLE DAY. A bit of rhythm and regularity. But I also just miss reading other people's blogs and having them comment on mine and commenting on theirs. I mean, I don't blog for the sole reason of getting comments, but it's fun. Very fun. It was a nice community. And I still talk to them on Skype, although school's been getting crazy, so....I don't have as much time anymore. Anyway. I have a few things to share with anyone who might be reading this blog.

Part 1: Epic Moth Story
If you follow me on Twitter, then you heard me ranting about this on Thursday night. The background of this story is that I hate moths. Well, more specifically, I hate moths when they're around the area where I'm sleeping. At camp it's okay because they fly up to the cabin ceiling, which is far, far away from where I'm sleeping. Or, they also tend to just stay on the outside of the cabin walls. Nevertheless, if a moth gets too close to me in the cabins at camp, I get angry. And a little creeped out. One time, this moth the size of a hummingbird got in the cabin, and we were all freaking out. Tinkerbell (one of the counselors) was whacking it with our broom, but even she was freaking out when it flew towards her face. Mostly, though, I get angry and creeped out when they get in my house. Especially in my room or my bathroom. I mean, okay, moths are kind of pretty if you're looking at pictures of them or looking at them outside. But it's the same thing with butterflies. I'm completely certain that if a butterfly got into my room and was flying around my light when I wanted to sleep, I'd freak out then too. The main reason I hate moths is because they're so FUZZY. They more extremely creepily, and...well, it's intruding in my area, when I'm trying to sleep. Go away, little moth, GO AWAY!!!!!! And they are way too attracted to lights.

Anyway, it was about 9:50 Thursday night. I'd brushed my teeth, gotten in my pajamas, gotten everything ready for the next day, turned off my computer....I was standing at my bed about to take out my contacts, when my cat jumped on my bed, all excited and meowing. Literally one second later, in came the moth flying around my light. CRAP. I didn't scream, but I ran out and closed the door to my room, hoping it would fall and my cat would eat it. No such luck. This moth was indestructible and INCREDIBLY obsessed with the light on my ceiling. I tried turning off the light and leaving on the hallway light, but no luck. Instead, it disappeared behind my bed. At that point, I went and got our broom. I got it out from behind my bed, but then it just flew straight up to the light AGAIN. Ugh. I was thoroughly annoyed, and now it's like...10:15. So, I just keep smacking the light...it flies around for a while, then lands back on the light again. This goes on for a while....it lands on the light, I smack the light, it flies around the light, then it lands on the light again. And Repeat. And Repeat. Ugh. Around 10:35, I think I had finally wore it down. It was sitting on the side of the light that I could easily see, so I smacked the broom RIGHT ON IT* and it fell down onto the floor, mostly dead. Then my cat ate it. And there ended the epic moth story of May the 7th. *sigh* Stupid moths!!!! I wanted to sleep, and I'm pretty sure it knew that and was taunting me like, "hahaha, you think you're going to sleep! THINK AGAIN." It was also taunting my cat, because she couldn't get up to the ceiling to catch it. "hahaha, you can't catch me! I shall live!!!!!!!" That was one EVIL moth. I killed it, thankfully, but it was EVIL.

Okay. *deep breath* Further story. So, every year, the Freshmen English classes at my school put on "Shakespeare Festival" in May in which freshmen choose a scene from a Shakespeare play to perform. Now, since it's freshmen, they usually suck. I fully admit it, even though I was a freshmen last year. We're not good actors. But, still. There's a difference between good acting and good preparation. I mean, my group last year did the second scene from As You Like It. None of us were particularly good actors, but we had our costumes and props and our timing and our lines memorized. So, while it wasn't good ACTING, it was a fairly good production. And people liked it, they thought it was funny, because Ian was in a fat suit for his role**

However, this year they've relaxed it so much...now it sucks even more. You no longer have to do a scene from a Shakespeare play. You have to do an adaption of a Shakespeare play. So people try to put on fashion shows or game shows or they try to sing. Or, there was a TEN MINUTE LONG PUPPET SHOW. I wanted to kill myself. We all did. Plus, no one has memorized their lines this year. And they have a month to do this...more than a month, actually. So people have lines written on their arms or are just holding their script on stage!!!!*** Sheesh. And I'm not mad because it's bad acting. Again, I'm mad because it's awful preparation. Extremely painful to watch...especially when they make a big deal and their eyes get all wide when they forget a line. That's like, the first rule of theatre: Don't acknowledge when you mess up. And I just feel bad for poor William! =(

Also, LeakyCon! 11 DAYS, 16 HOURS!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to see everyone that I haven't seen since August. I'm officially going to Nosh with the Nerdfighters now, and...well, I'm just super excited. It's going to be amazingly awesome! And I seriously can't wait. *antsy*

Hopefully I'll get back to blogging at least every few days, rather than waiting 8 days. Sorry.

Also, look, FUB! It was my math notes...and my teacher didn't even know! Made of awesome!

Cheers! DFTBA!

*Win! I felt so powerful when I hit it and killed it! YES!!!!!!! (okay...sorry...I just really don't like when bugs are in my living space. I do respect them, though)
**He was one of the wrestlers, and he had to somersault in a fat suit. Oh my geez, those rehearsals were HILARIOUS.
***"Let me just discretely unfold my script here and read my line..." *shoots self in head* Really, freshmen? REALLY?!

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