06 January 2008


Okay, so let's see if anyone can figure out what I'm talking about. Small hint: It has to do with one of my big loves (not a person, a thing). Hem, Hem:

I'm friends with both of y'all in some way, but you hate her. You hate her just because she got the guy of your dreams, the one you wanted for yourself. But, honey, just a little reality check here. You would've gone out with him for maybe a few months, but I doubt you would've had the same strong relationship that she has with him. She's loved him since she first saw him that day at the station, and she never gave up on him, despite the guys she was with before him. And, honey, she caught his attention in a way you never could, and he caught her attention. He saved her life, sacrificed himself for her, and won her heart. She almost died because of him, never gave up, and finally won his heart. Through all the hardships, the tension, and the danger, they loved each other with a passion that's hard to come by. He had a difficult journey, and perhaps the hardest part was being away from her. He only broke up with her once, without him wanting to, to protect her life. She's kind and she's strong. She's sweet and funny. She's smart and brave. She's scared for him and wishes she could be with him the whole way. She's beautiful in so many ways. She's in love and, most important of all, she's HIS. And you hate her. Why? Because you're jealous, and it's getting in the way of you seeing her good qualities and realising that she's a good person. He's wonderful to her; she's wonderful to him. Together, they are one of the most brilliant couples the world has ever seen. Every time I see them or think about them, I smile. So you need to face the facts: The two of them are perfect for each other, and your petty jealousy won't change that. Even if you can't get over it (which is hard to believe), don't talk about it everywhere you go. Keep it within your group of people who feel the same way. Don't go rubbing it in the faces of people who like her. And don't criticize me for being her friend. It's not my fault you can't see past your jealousy the beautiful, strong person she is. I'm not letting you change me or letting your feelings get in the way of my friendship with her. And if you don't hear me this final time, I'm cutting you off. So, please don't come back to me begging for forgiveness when you come to your senses. Because, honey, I've had enough.

Okay, so some parts of this rant can be seen in different ways, but the purpose I wrote it for is kind of hard to find :) See if you can! If you think you did, send me a message.

Love and happiness,


Camille said...

Is this about Harry and Ginny? Because I think it could fit. And if you say you're obsessed with Harry Potter... Then the other girl would be Cho, am I right?

Anyway, your blog is very nice, I am obsessed with Harry Potter too^^

Violet said...

Hmm... It definitely sounds like Harry and Ginny, but I can't say from who's point of view it is...
Like your blog!