18 May 2008

Just some random stuff

Well, after watching some old fiveawesomegirls videos, I got an urge to try and make a list of all the nerdy things I've ever done in my life and the many things my nerdiness has lead me to get obsessed with. Now, this isn't going to be a full list, but it's a start. But, first, just a few little life facts.

  • Today is awesome for two reasons: There are new Potter Puppet Pals videos!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Wow, it feels like it's been forever since there've been new ones. Wait, that's because it has. It's been SIX MONTHS!!!! One of them is very short and odd, but the other one is good! and, today is also awesome because I finally made my 2,500th post on the Lounge! Yay! Thanks to the new Philosopher's Stone reading groups, my posting average has gone up once again! Potter Puppet Pals!
  • The Spurs won on Thursday, so that means...Game Seven tomorrow night! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • Allie (Sethtaylorsummer) is in my room for the reading groups this time! Squee! No sign of Mary Rose yet, though =[
  • Finals suck. Gah! I can't believe they start on Thursday! But, I've been going through my Health, Math, and English study guides and all and I actually don't think any of them should be too hard. Math, maybe, but I've gone over my notes and remember all these things now. Then, Journalism I'm not worried about. French, not much either because I have a 96 in that class, got a 92 on the oral portion of the final, and it's mostly grammar--which I'm good at. Then there's Biology and Earth Science, both of which my semester grade is like a 99.6% and I've gotten outstanding grades on all the tests in both those classes and already have 100 on the final portion so far with the labs and projects. So, yeah. I hate them, but I'm not exactly worried, especially since I've learned I could get a D on like all of my finals and still have an A. Of course, that doesn't stop me from studying like crazy, but it does help the stress a little.

On second thought, I think I'll do that nerd list later. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow...maybe next weekend ;D But it'll come to y'all at some point! Cheers!

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